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Projects We organize projects under the umbrella of OpenAI’s SafetyNet . The two main projects are: Code Examples COCO-Text OSR-Text Byron Connell, Pete Warden, and Stuart Wilson. OpenAI Five See the source code of OpenAI Five. Play The Mastermind Data resources and implementation details of the Mastermind game. Peter Reid. Other SafetyNet projects have been proposed. SafetyNet SafetyNet for kids SafetyNet for kids is an extension of SafetyNet in two ways: Machine Learning code Kids project See also SafeML SafetyNet for kids website Related competitions and initiatives Thinknum Thinknum is a community website for research and statistics of OpenAI. Google Safe Browsing Google Safe Browsing program is a project of Google Inc. to identify malicious Web pages, block them, and warn Webmasters and users. OpenAI Five: a Deep Reinforcement Learning Challenge with Neural Netcode Neural Netcode is an open source implementation of the programming language Torch7 and a tool for exploring how neural networks can be programmed. OpenAI Five Racing League The OpenAI Five Racing League is a StarCraft competition with OpenAI Five competing against eight teams for $50,000. Cognitive Segmentation Challenge Cognitive Segmentation Challenge is a task for machine learning that aims to predict whether a picture contains one or more objects from the collection of segmented objects. See also Machine learning Artificial intelligence Data science Reinforcement learning Deep Reinforcement Learning References External links OpenAI official website Category:Machine learning Category:Artificial intelligence Category:OpenAIPresident Trump is a big fan of Carrier Corporation. This company is the largest employer in Indiana, which Trump won in 2016. He’s repeatedly boasted about the hundreds of jobs Carrier would move to Mexico, but nothing ever came of it. Today, Trump tweeted: “So much for the phony impeach job … the Carriers have announced that they will



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PEDO CHILD3gptrmdsf alamit

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