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Our School

A unique English Medium Co-educational School. It is unique co-educational day scholar cum-residential English medium school, a remarkable addition to the string of public schools based on national pattern of C.B.S.E. curriculum, New Delhi. Awake, arise and reach the goal. This is the moto of “DIVINE LIGHT CENTRAL SCHOOL”. This school was founded by the eductionist Din Dayal Singh with the help of many other academicians and intellectuals. We are determined to enlight the students, who can glorify the society and nation. Fulfilling the achievement, our teachers who are well qualified and experienced are working with students delightly. Today it is competitive age only excellent mind and strengthful body can accept the challenge of time. We are ready to do so by preparing our students ability, efficient and competitive under the super guidance of our learned teachers. It is an opportunity for the students to take advice of time and shape their lives with success ans also an opportunity for the guardians who fulfill their liabilities by giving their children under this able guidance. It is our endeavor here at DIVINE LIGHT CENTRAL SCHOOL to provide holistic education-total education i.e. education of the mind, body and the spirit.

divine light central school principal's message

Principal’s Welcome

(i) Correct yourself, otherwise other will kick you.

(ii) A child needs preceptors not teachers.

(iii) Avoid negative education.

(iv) We inspire children to raise questions.

(v) He who hates children, hates God.

(vi) Love yourself and improve your identity.

(vii) Achieve whatever no one else has achieved.

(viii) Do not accept leaders, be a leader.

(ix) We need knowledge not informations.

(x) Do which is good for all.

(xi) Advice to the students

divine light central school


  • Cultivating and supporting life long learners.

  • Challenging every student to his or her highest potential.

  • Partnering with home, school and community for student success.

  • Acknowledging that students must share in the responsibility for learning.

  • Prepairing students to be contributing citizen in the 21th century.

  • Practicing good citizenship among student and staff.

  • Providing a safe, nurturing and orderly environment as an essential part of learning.

Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

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